Consumer Insights

close up on customer man hand pressing on smartphone screen with  five star rating feedback icon and press level good rank for giving best score point to review the service , technology business concept
  • Quantitative consumer surveys for new product and packaging development
  • Concept, product, package testing; home use tests; pricing analysis; branding; message testing
  • Consumer attitudes and behavior re recycling, switching to sustainable packaging
  • Focus group moderating; in-depth interviews

Sustainable Packaging Design & Policy

  • Packaging design for recyclability
  • Scoring paper packaging recyclability; Recyclability testing
  • Developing metrics for reusable packaging strategies
  • Understanding the implications of EPR and other policy trends, and risks and opportunities for clients
  • Obtaining US recycling certifications

Understanding Suppliers & End Markets

Aerial front view of a loaded container cargo vessel traveling over calm ocean
  • Verifying supply chain claims
  • Interviews and surveys with suppliers and customers such as MRFs and mills that use recovered materials.
  • Facilitating stakeholder engagement sessions

Recycling Market Analysis

forex trading background
  • Strategies for recycling market development
  • Improving circularity by developing pathways to recycle packaging in specific locations
  • Modeling flows of recycled materials across regions
  • Market sizing and forecasting

Thought Leadership

  • Briefings on packaging sustainability trends
  • White papers and published articles
  • Conference presentations
  • Education on recycling and sustainability