Client Success Stories

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Consumer Perceptions of Sustainability in Bath Tissue

Insight + Action, LLC conducted consumer surveys in the US with bath tissue buyers in January 2020 and January 2022. The study shows that a small but growing segment consider sustainable product features such as "not packaged in plastic" when purchasing the category. This group are much more active in a number of environmentally-friendly activities such as "recycling" and "taking transit or bicycling". The biggest change over the 2 year period, however, is a significant increase in agreement with a list of 11 'sustainable' attitudes among all consumers.

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Can that Paper Package be Recycled? What End-Users Say

A sustainable packaging non-profit wanted to understand the potential for recycling a number of low incidence types of paper packaging. Insight + Action, LLC interviewed US paper mills and recovered paper brokers to understand their perspectives on using these materials. Results show potential is good for molded fiber, pizza boxes, frozen food boxes, and paper cups, which are accepted and recycled with current systems. Other package types will require additional investment in testing, stakeholder collaboration, and communications.

A neatly arranged stack of discarded cardboard boxes awaiting collection by refuse disposal crew on a street pavement in London.

Maximizing Curbside Recycling of Corrugated

With the recent growth of e-commerce, consumers are receiving many more corrugated boxes at home. Insight + Action, LLC conducted survey research with US households that recycle at curbside to understand which aspects of corrugated box recycling are most frustrating and what programs can do to maximize corrugated recycling. Results showed that current practices are fairly effective among those who participate. The greatest gains will come from higher levels of household participation in recycling.


The Changing Policy Environment and Recycled Paper Supply

A European paper company was looking to locate a new mill in a region in the US and needed to understand US recycling policies at the national and state level, for the relevant states. They also needed to measure the supply of recovered paper at the state level now and in 5 and 10 years’ time. Insight + Action, LLC summarized the relevant policy landscape and used an internal model to project supply of recovered paper in the region at present and throughout the forecast period. Recommendations indicate it would be favorable for the client to move forward in the region of interest.

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  • Can paper cups be recycled?
  • Measuring the recyclability of paper packaging
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