Your packaging needs to be more sustainable. Now what?

Your packaging needs to be more sustainable. Now what?


If you manage a consumer product, sooner or later you may be tasked with developing more sustainable packaging for your brand.

Being recyclable is just the beginning. To be successful, your new packaging must meet a variety of criteria for which there are no hard and fast rules. How does your current packaging stack up? Is it recyclable, could it include recycled content? How will improved sustainability enhance your brand image?

At Insight + Action, LLC we’re here to help answer your packaging and sustainability questions so that you can make the best choices for your company and your brand.


What makes a package sustainable?


If you want more than a plain brown box, even if you start with totally recyclable materials, sustainability is not guaranteed. Sustainability is about more than recyclability.

Why is sustainable packaging so challenging?


Sustainability encompasses the entire life cycle of a package from its development to its disposal. Failure at any point along the way, including acceptability to the consumer, can send you back to the drawing board.

Who can package it all up for you?


Susan Cornish, PhD, founder of Insight + Action, LLC has experience that touches many points in the product and packaging innovation process, from design through marketing to recyclability. Behind her is a larger team of recycling, sustainability, and consumer insights experts. Whatever your product or industry, we have the knowledge to ask the relevant questions, develop new insights, and identify strategies and solutions.