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Insight + Action is unique in that we bring together over 20 years of experience in Consumer Insights with more recent experience in Sustainability, Packaging, and Recycling. Based in Atlanta, GA, we are backed by a strong team of experienced professionals and have extensive networks in both Consumer Insights and Sustainability/Packaging/Recycling.
  • Susan Cornish is Principal Consultant at Insight + Action, a company she founded in 2017. Susan is a life-long researcher and strategist, always interested in digging deeper to understand the reasons why, and determining how change can be made.
  • At Insight + Action, Susan helps clients define issues and research questions. She leads client engagements and manages all aspects of projects from research design and data collection, through analysis, reporting, and other deliverables.
  • Prior to Insight + Action, Susan was a Vice President at several global Consumer Insights firms. Here she worked with brand owners in Marketing, contributing to product and packaging development decisions. On the supplier side, Susan led research teams, developed more focused reporting methods, and worked with clients and IT to create client portals and automated reporting.
  • Susan has in-depth knowledge of packaging sustainability and the recycling industry, plus expertise in all aspects of product and packaging innovation research. Susan has worked with global clients in many sectors including packaging, consumer packaged goods, hospitality and foodservice, waste management/recycling and recycling non-profits.
  • Susan holds an Honors BA, 1st Class, from Simon Fraser University where she majored in Geography and Economics. She has an MSc and PhD from the University of Toronto where her dissertation research focused on product innovation.
  • When out of the office, Susan can be found visiting recycling centers and MRFs (Material Recovery Facilities) throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. She also makes time to pursue diving and snorkeling in exotic locations and visiting all the wine regions in North America

Meet the Team

At Insight + Action, we build the team to suit the project. Some of the associates we have worked with on specific projects are shown below and we have many others with different specializations. Delivering the highest quality work as quickly and cost effectively as possible can only be done with true experts in their fields

Bill More at Moore & Associates

Bill is an environmental expert with more than 45 years of experience across the chemical, solid waste management, recycling, paper, and packaging sectors. Bill provides insight on technical aspects of projects.

Bud Sanders at Strategic Oversight

Bud is an analytics and business strategy leader with over 20 years of experience helping clients solve business challenges. Bud and team provide analytical and project management support.

Carol Niemi at Stand Marketing

Carol works with small and medium sized companies developing integrated marketing and PR programs. She has contributed to renewed growth for over 60 brands over her career, and consults on the marketing aspects of projects.

Tim Buwalda at Circular Matters

Tim has over 25 years of recycling consulting experience. He brings knowledge and hands-on experience to projects involving  policy analysis, recycling program optimization, and recycling solutions for plastics and recovered paper.

Memberships & Community

Support from relevant associations.
Experience as a board member at a local recycling drop-off center.  
  • Board member since 2019
  • Member, Marketing Committee

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The demand for sustainable packaging has grown so fast there’s no one path forward

With our expertise in product and packaging innovation, sustainability, and recycling, Insight + Action, LLC can help you figure it all out and launch your new products and packaging with confidence.

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