What Insight + Action Can Do For Your Brand

Insight + Action helps clients develop more sustainable packaging by learning from your consumer markets, your suppliers, and your customers’ end markets. We advise on sustainable product and package design, measure the success of new products, new packaging, and sustainability initiatives, and can keep you up to date on changes in the regulatory landscape as it affects packaging.

Consumer Insights

  • Benefit from over 20 years of experience in Consumer Insights, with an emphasis on Product & Package Development.
  • Quantitative consumer surveys for new product and packaging development
  • Consumer attitudes and behavior re sustainability, recycling, switching to sustainable packaging
  • Focus group moderating; in-depth interviews

Product & Package Development Research

  • Concept testing, product & package testing
  • Product Optimization (features/bundling)
  • Name testing, pricing analysis
  • Forecasting, modeling, simulation

Market Development Research

  • Ideation, market structure, segmentation, positioning

In Market Research

  • Awareness, usage & attitudes
  • Advertising/message testing
  • Brand image/brand equity tracking

Supplier & End Market Insights

Years of experience gathering insights from senior executives at other businesses about issues that affect your business.

  • Verifying supply chain claims
  • Interviews and surveys with suppliers and customers
  • Facilitating stakeholder engagement sessions

Many methods can be used to conduct qualitative research that will generate richly detailed information on your population of interest.

  • Interviews – One-on-one conversations that go deep into the topic at hand.
  • Case studies – Collections of client stories from in-depth interviews.
  • Expert opinions – High-quality information from well-informed sources.
  • Focus groups – In-person or online conversation with small groups of people to listen to their views on a product or service.
  • Observational research – Observing people during the course of their habitual routines to understand how they interact with a product or topic.

Sustainable Packaging

Well-versed in all aspects of sustainability as it relates to packaging.

  • Tracking sustainability initiatives
  • Packaging design guides and audits for recyclability
  • Developing metrics for reusable packaging strategies
  • Understanding the implications of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) for packaging

Tracking Sustainability Initiatives: Measuring supplier/consumer/end-market awareness in an organization’s sustainability initiatives and programs.

Design Guides: Based on extensive survey research and a review of other design guides, develop Design Guides to provide insight on how to design proper packaging for maximum recyclability.

Packaging Recyclability Audit: Determine the relative recyclability of a number of different package alternatives using a scoring approach, or a series of questions with set scores for each answer option.

Consumer Response: Custom research on consumer attitudes and behavior relating to sustainability and sustainable packaging.

Implications of EPR: Analysis of PER (Extended Producer Responsibility) for paper and packaging in the US: active states, how it works, timeline, and implications and opportunities for specific clients.

Research On Recycling

Thorough knowledge of all stakeholders in the recycling sector.

  • Strategies for recycling market development
  • Improving circularity by developing pathways to recycle packaging in specific locations
  • Modeling flows of recycled materials across regions
  • Market sizing and forecasting

Surveys & Interviews with Stakeholders

  • Surveys of US consumers who recycle at curbside to understand attitudes and behavior, and determine what changes would improve the capture rate.
  • Surveys with processors of curbside recycling material in order to estimate the ease or difficulty of recycling different types of paper packaging.
  • Interviews with end-market buyers to estimate the relative difficulty of getting packaging such as frozen dinner boxes, ice cream tubs, and food service packaging into curbside recycling programs in the US.
  • Interviews with mills regarding use of recycled paper cups; desk research on cub recycling programs in North America; primary author of a white paper on “The State of Paper Cup Recycling”.

Desk Research on Recycling Topics

  • History of recycling in the US; structure of the sector in specific states and regions; expected impacts of new US packaging legislation.

Market Sizing & Forecasting

  • Sizing the market for recycled paper grades and forecasting future supplies and flows by region.

Thought Leadership

  • Briefings on packaging sustainability trends
  • White papers and published articles
  • Conference presentations
  • Education on recycling and sustainability

Expertise in Consumer Insights, Sustainability, Packaging, and Recycling All in One Place

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